CFA CH & Euro Ch. Roggenstein Cold As Ice

Registration-No.: 1166-02413741
Born: 30/April/2016 Owner: Tina Heigl
Color: Cameo Tabby White classic Van Breeder: Tina Heigl
Breed: Persian Test: Parents PKD DNA neg.
Sex: male  
CFA GC + TICA SGC + World Ch.  TNT Purrfect Precious Metal,RW


CFA CH Day Oh Chances R. of TNT Purrfect

CFA CH Wishstar Impact of Day Oh
Black-White Van

CFA CH Joyville's Catnip of Parti Wai
Black-White Van
CFA CH Polcann Dream-Weaver of Joyville
CFA CH Joyville's Hello Kitty
CFA CH Wishstar Parchwork Quilt
CFA GC Purrsay's Pearl Jam of Wishstar
CFA GC Joyville's Dark Crystal of Wishstar
Purrfectgems Whiteout
CFA GC Purrfectgems Elusive Gene
Black-White Van
CFA CH Purz-N-Pawz Avanti of Purrfectgems
CFA CH Damikki's Blacktop of Purrfectgems
Maraul's Ginger of Purrfectgems
CFA GC Cattabury Armanti of Belle Fleur
Janita Shania of Katzenfur
TNT Purrfect Pretty as a Picture, DM
Blue-White Van Smoke

CFA GC TNT Purrfect Scamp

CFA CH Charlotscat Camelot of TNT Purrfect
C.E. White
CFA GC Kitty Charm Tailwind,RW
Kitcorp Tashiek of Charlotscat
CFA GC TNT Purrfect Cinderella
Brown-Patched-Tabby-White Van
CFA CH Rebels Magic of TNT Purrfect
Mstara Menken of TNT Purrfect,
CFA GC Catchance Liberty of TNT Purrfect, DM
Dilute Calico

CFA GC Catchance Zaccaeus,RW
Blue Mackerel Tabby-White
CFA CH Lynnard's Emmanuel of Catchance
Klizer Lotty Dotty of Catchance
CFA CH Catillak Count UR Blessings
Harwood Blaze-O-Glory
CFA CH Brannaway Glory Be
CFA CH El'Abisai Renesmee of Roggenstein

Cameo Tabby&White classic

El'Abisai Cassedy
Cream & White
CFA CH  DreamofGlory's Magic Paws
Cameo Tabby
CFA CH Cashiba Magic Illusion
Silver Tabby & White
Belamy's Tom Taylor
Ch. Cashiba Dayligh
Dream of Glory's Hug Me CFA CH Dream of Glory's Sunshine on Ice
CFA CH Petovia's Diana
Int. Ch. El'Abisai Nephtys

Ginger Bears Silver Whisper
Cameo Tabby
CFA CH Summernight's Madock
CFA CH El Abisai's Princess Heavenly Dream
Divination Dior of El' Abisai
Dilute Calico
Kuorii Sweet Escape of D'Eden Lover
D'Eden Lover Esmeralda
CFA CH Dream of Glory's Only 4U

CFA CH Dream of Glory's Tic-Tac

Int Ch. El Abisai's Murphy Brown
CFA GC Purrkay's Paddington Bear
Star-Dust von Bastian
Int.Ch. Cabochard's My Inspiration
Gr. Int. Ch New Precious Allright Tonight
Ch. Kopus Coming Up Roses
CFA CH Petovia's Diana
shaded tortoiseshell

CFA CH + TICA RW Petovia's Circle is Unbroken
CFA CH Palmetto's My Surprise of Catburry
Masquerde v. La'Noitan
Palmetto's Thunderstar of Petovia
CFA CH Palmetto's Thunder
Palmetto's Tammy